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Hardwood Veneer Sheets

Mondial Tranciati is a manufacturer of hardwood veneer sheets that are unrivaled as regards environmental responsibility as well as quality. A wide range of veneer species is put at customers' disposal, so that clients have the chance to choose what they need in a simple way.

The obtaining of veneer is made possible by slicing rectangular blocks of wood, the so-called flitches, or by peeling the trunk of a tree. Different slicing processes are able to give life to different types of grain, which also vary according to the tree species. A distortion of the grain is present when the veneer is sliced.

Mondial Tranciati offers a lot of kinds of hardwood veneer sheets, including not only domestic veneers, but also exotic ones, in any order quantity, all sorted by hand. From cherry to poplar, from red oak to aromatic cedar, from white birch to white ash, any kind of wood has specific characteristics that suite different needs in interior design and furniture industry. The highest standards of excellence are guaranteed since any piece of hardwood veneer is examined with the best attention, so that a perfect appearance and a rich character can be ensured to each species.

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