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Hardwood Veneer Suppliers

Hardwood veneer suppliers are very important not only for the home interior, but also for many other environments. In woodworking, veneers represent the thin slices of wood that are glued onto wood panels of medium-density fiberboard, and they generally are thinner than 3 mm.

Hardwood veneer suppliers are utilized for the creation of flat panels that can be used for parts of furniture, parquet floors and cabinets, but it is easy to find them in marquetry, too. Renewability and recyclability are just two of the most interesting characteristics of these products, but sustainability can be also considered, since the use of veneers means that a big area can be covered with little material. It is important to notice, then, that hardwood veneer suppliers take ecological aspects into big consideration, since these pieces are nontoxic. Even the smallest pieces can be used, that is to say that the waste is very little: it means that these materials are much more economical than others.

Mondial Tranciati products are appreciated by clients because they are easy to repair and durable: the range of solutions that are put at customers' disposal is very wide, and it includes both standard and exotic lines.

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