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Natural Wood Veneer Suppliers

People who are in search of natural wood veneer suppliers should know that Mondial Tranciati is one of the most important Italian companies in this field, thanks to its large experience and its competence. A block of veneers is laminated to give life to reconstituted veneer: the layers are laminated together, and then the grain of the reconstituted veneer is made of the edges of the laminated veneer itself. Any kind of configuration can be projected and obtained by maneuvering in the block form the contour of the laminations.

Mondial Tranciati is supplying manufacturer of doors, millwork, kitchen cabinets, pieces of furniture and a lot of other solutions, and is appreciated for costs and quality, since veneers can be considered an excellent alternative to natural growth woods. Both domestic and exotic species are used, in order to give the biggest selections of opportunities. It is important to notice that many opportunities of customization and personalization are allowed with these products.

The market which is dedicated to the designer and architectural community can take advantage from the proposals that come from natural wood veneer suppliers also because in these fields color and grain represent two important aspects from beginning to end.

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