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Wood Veneer Companies in Italy

Mondial Tranciati is one of the most important and appreciated wood veneer companies in Italy, since it is a big in-stock manufacturer that allows customers to find what they need in a simple and fast way. From red gum veneer to walnut veneer, from premium veneer to cut to size veneer, the range of products that can be chosen is very wide, both for exotic and domestic wood veneer.

Mondial Tranciati is able to ensure quality and satisfaction thanks to its staff and its machinery, which is based on modern tools and a very advanced technology. A large range of wood species is selected with the highest competence and proficiency by an expert personnel, who is capable of fulfilling every request coming from clients. Cherry, walnut, ash and oak are just a few of the many wood veneers we can offer.

This is why people who are looking for wood veneer companies in Italy can choose Mondial Tranciati being sure to find what they are in search of, also counting on a lot of opportunities of veneering customization. This means that the natural nuances of wood can be valorized and emphasized according to anyone's preferences, tastes and needs.

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