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Wood Veneer Italy

Mondial Tranciati is a leading company as regards wood veneer in Italy: this kind of product can be used in a lot of applications, and even small pieces can be utilized, that is to say that there is a minimum waste.

Wood veneer is different from traditional wood since it can be considered more stable: the second one can be split and warped in a simple way, while veneer is not so prone to cracking and splitting, also because it is made of thin layers of wood that are kept together with glue or adhesive material. This means, moreover, that additional strength is guaranteed, and the result proves to be much stronger than traditional wood.

People and companies that are looking for wood veneer in Italy have the chance to choose Mondial Tranciati and its competence, which comes from a long experience. The use of advanced technologies and the investments in research are fundamental to ensure customers' satisfaction, which is amplified by the excellent versatility of veneers, that can be used in many projects not only in furniture industry, but also in automotive. An advantage which deserves to be underlined, finally, is the ecological and economical sustainability of these products.

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