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Wood Veneer Manufacturers

Mondial Tranciati represents the point of reference for all those who are in search of wood veneer manufacturers. Thanks to a lot of wood veneer species that are put at customers' disposal according to their exigencies, any woodworking project can be realized: a very comprehensive and variegated range of veneers coming from around the world can be used for many aims.

Every kind of veneer serve a specific purpose: this is why it is important to ask for an advice to wood veneer manufacturers. For example, wood on wood veneer is a decorative solution with the face veneer that is opposite to a utility grade wood backer, while raw veneer is characterized by the absence of any backing on it, since it is utilized with either side facing up. There are, then, laid up veneers, which are particular kinds of raw veneers that are joined together in order to have bigger pieces: a process that doesn't require expensive machinery.

Mondial Tranciati team is made by wood veneer manufacturers that offer a large choice of solutions: the highest standards of quality and excellence are ensured both for domestic and exotic veneers that come from all the fine timbers around the world.

Wood veneer manufacturers: ask now your free quote!