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Wood Veneer Sheets

Wood veneer sheets are thin slices of wood that are cut from a log with a particular machine: they can be utilized in many ways, on fine furniture, on plywood or on laminated shapes, both for architectural and decorative purposes. Woodworking is very advantaged by the use of wood veneer, that is more economical and more available than traditional wood.

Moreover, wood veneer sheets can be appreciated for their stability: when a burl is sliced into veneer, the substrate and the adhesive (hide glue, yellow wood glue or peel and stick adesive to keep the edges together) keep wood movement under control. This means that every kind of wood can be sliced, even the most unruly ones, in order to be utilized to make panels that are stunning and stable at the same time.

Mondial Tranciati offers a large variety of wood veneer sheets to satisfy the most different needs: veneer is very practical for curved work and for a lot of woodworking projects, from walnut to cherry. The highest levels of quality are guaranteed thanks to materials that are strictly selected: they can be domestic or exotic woods, but the result is always characterized by beauty and longevity.

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