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Wood Veneers Suppliers

People who are in search of wood veneers suppliers can choose Mondial Tranciati and see their exigencies completely fulfilled. Wood veneer is stocked for professional woodworkers and industries at the best prices: the range of solutions that can be chosen is very wide, so that the most different needs can be satisfied. Both domestic and exotic veneers are put at customers' disposal.

There are a lot of reasons for choosing Mondial Tranciati among other wood veneers suppliers: for example, the great opportunities of customization that are ensured, but also the high standards of quality of materials.

The advantages of using veneer instead of natural wood are very important: one of them is stability, since solid wood can suffer splitting or warping. This is impossible with veneer, as it is made of thin layers of wood that are joined and glued together: that is to say that the chances of cracking are few. The use of glue, then, is appreciable since it provides more strength, and this is why veneers can be considered much stronger than wood. Wood veneers suppliers, then, offer a lot of opportunities for many different projects, for the production of pieces of furniture and other industries.

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