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Italian Veneer Companies

Mondial Tranciati is one of the most appreciated Italian veneer companies, due to the ability of working closely with customers and, above all, to the large range of solutions that are offered.

Manufacturing of veneers is made possible thanks to a four-stage industrial process, that includes first of all bleaching, then dying and drying and finally pressing. Experience and professionalism are the values that determine the way of working of Mondial Tranciati, so that it can be considered among the most prestigious Italian veneer companies. The highest levels of customization and quality that are guaranteed mean that veneers can be used not only for interior design projects and furniture, but also - for example - in marine industry or in automotive industry.

Italian veneer companies and Mondial Tranciati are synonyms of a big variety of solutions, coming from the large range of wood varieties and materials. Product lines and colour tones are projected and realized in order to fulfill customers' needs, as the tailored client service approach is fundamental to know their tastes and necessities. The perfect combination of colour and wood is always ensured, and all the finished veneers can be installed in the safest and simplest way.

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