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Italian Veneer Wood

Mondial Tranciati is a reference point as regards Italian veneer wood, having been specialized in the timber business for a long time, thanks to its large range of products. Our level of specialization is just one of the many reasons for choosing us if you want to have Italian veneer wood: our level of expertise is second to none, and this concretizes in a high level of quality.

We also have a storehouse in the heart of Italy's most important design and furniture district, in Brianza: this demonstrates our willing of growing and fulfilling all customers' exigencies. Italian veneer wood can be chosen by designers and architects, but also by interior decorators and industries in many fields, from the production of pieces of furniture to automotive.

The high standards we achieve are made possible by a large range of solutions and veneers that come from a lot of wood species, both domestic and exotic. From multilaminar woods to pre-dyed veneers, versatility and flexibility prove to be two important values of our way of working. The result is represented by a vast production which is conjugated with love for environment and for wood: respecting the world where we live is always important for us.

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